UK expert speaks about making money online

How To Make Money Online In The UK video by Adam from and Empower Network’s Dream Team.

I am based in North London, UK and make money online from home as an internet entrepreneur.

In summary to make money on the internet in the UK you should follow these basic steps:

Send traffic to a lead capture page to build an email list to sell affiliate products

When you learn how to generate web traffic I suggest using both a free marketing and a paid marketing stategy.

Paid marketing is quicker but you need a high converting sales funnel in place.

Free marketing is slower, more time consuming, but very profitable when you have a daily flow of free leads arriving from your UK home based business.

I think it is a great idea to earn money in the UK by targeting UK based keywords for SEO purposes such as “How to make money UK online” “legitimate ways to make money uk” etc. and just stick the phrase “UK” to the end of your keywords to target the British audience.

Another cool method to get UK internet traffic to your offer is to get your website hosted with a UK server. I use Heart Internet for my UK hosting and Hostgator for my US hosting.

If you have a domain and UK hosting then you will rank much higher in the Google UK search, get more UK traffic, and more easily and quickly make money online in the UK.