Do cats exercise this one is trying!

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Cat Facts, the little known facts about Cats and those who love them!

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS was a massive tickle video channel, as I was a mild fetish video producer on clips4sale for about 15 years. Stopped because Pandemic, as I couldn’t shoot. I gave it up and turned to youtube with the mildest clips: tickling, lift & carry and amazon. That’s why I know nothing about these things, as I didn’t have to worry about visitors, subs or watched hours or comments. Once I was monetized for about 6 months, then they stopped it, since that I tries all kinds of content, what would work. These subs you see in are real, from those old followers, who forgot to unsubscribe, since I totally cleaned out their content. So we found a starving sick cat 2 years ago in winter under the stairs and although I wasn’t ever a pet person, with time I became one. I found it very warm feeling and slowly I started being interested about them. I still never thought from the content still this will be a more popular than celebrities, geography, before they were rich and famous, etc. So I’ll go on with pets and others now, and want to do it well.
My plan is not only funny videos, but the dark side of keeping pats, as well more informative material about them. I really like dealing with them, but of course I finally would like to make something for myself too.

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