Digital Streaming

Digital Interactive Streams, Inc., has recently released its Triton player to work with the world’s fastest broadband entertainment streaming service. The July 11, 2006, release of the anticipated FPS (first person shooter) game Prey, by 3D Realms, marks the beginning of a new era in the delivery of AAA games to the public.

Here’s what the free Triton player ( brings to the table:

1. you can play a game within minutes of purchase, and participate in multiplayer gameplay while the game is streaming in the background

2. no need for a gamer to physically procure a game and no need to wait for lengthy download and installation processes

3. accelerates on-demand gaming experience for the most graphic-intensive games

4. provides the fastest delivery of any service to the gamers desktop

5. no need to search the web for updates, or modifications, so you always have the latest version of the game and player

6. dynamic, bandwidth-shaping streaming engine, which streams in the background even after game play has started, even in multiplayer mode

7. reliable and extremely scaleable gaming-on-demand solution for hardcore gamers, service providers, content providers, game developers, and publishers

8. available directly from or through over 7 million Microsoft XP MCE PCs distributed around the world

For retrogamers or others who may not be up with the latest PC games, this means you can download the free player and demo games before you decide you would like to enter this advanced gaming world.